How To


Use a Famicom

  • Tune your TV to channel 96 (you most likely need to use an old CRT and do this manually through the menu)
  • Make sure the switches on the console’s back are set to “GAME” and “CH2”
  • Plug in the power and american RF modulator, put in the game and it should turn on fine!


Region modify a SNES

  • Get some big pliers
  • Put them into the game cradle
  • Rip out the plastic tabs on either side
  • It’s pretty simple!


Study Japanese


Clean a Stubborn Super Famicom game

  • Get a 3.8mm screwdriver
  • Remove screws from the front of the cartridge
  • Take out the board
  • Pour a small amount of distilled white vinegar into a container (like a tupperware)
  • Place the game board into the container so that just the pins are submerged
  • Wait anywhere from 5-30 minutes, depending on how corroded the pins are
  • Remove board, wipe the pins with a q-tip or paper towel, put it back together
  • It should work flawlessly now!