About Us

Welcome to BuzzBuzz Games! Here we sell Japanese retro video games, anime goods, and other things. We ship from Washington, USA.

I started selling Japanese games because there are so many good ones that never came out here – but I could never seem to find them locally. While the game store around me had great games, their import section was usually lacking. Hamster Paradise? No thanks! There must be a better way!

Our goal is to raise money to start a real life store in Tacoma, Washington. I now have a location in mind, specifically Sanford and Son in downtown Tacoma. It’s a very quirky collection of little shops and I would absolutely love to join them. We’d have game demos, tons of Japanese imports, toys, and more!

I’m almost there. Every purchase helps me greatly!

Thanks so much for your support, it means the world to me!

Mockup for my potential little store.

One of the rooms at Sanford & Son.