I’ve always wanted to own a store, ever since I was a kid. BuzzBuzz Games grew out of me working various retail jobs and thinking, “I should just do this for myself.” So I started flipping – going to thrift stores and garage sales, buying low and selling high.

Retro video games have always been interesting to me and I have very fond memories of playing SNES games with my brother growing up. Japanese culture and language has also been a hobby for me, ever since I started playing/watching Pokemon as a kid, and then becoming a teenager and watching anime on Adult Swim, and later taking every Japanese language course my college had to offer.

So I did the math, and import retro video games seemed like the right thing to sell!

Now we’re over a year old and selling at lots of conventions all over King County and surrounding areas, as well as online!


Our next goal is to open a real store in Antique Row in downtown Tacoma, Washington.

Thanks for your support!